Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mothers Day Love Letter

I just received the most beautiful Mothers Day Gift from my oldest son.

I just had to share this with all the Mothers out there who I know can

appreciate the love of your child.

Hello Mom,

I'm taking this time out to tell you how much you are appreciated.

Unlike college where your work is summarized at the end of the

semester with a letter grade to tell you how you did, or in a work place

setting where an increase in pay or better position informs you how your doing. This letter will serve the purpose of the following examples.

In a review of your job as Mother you have exceeded your duties and have created a great and higher standard that has been unmatched by all Mothers to date. You have set the standard of the definition of a Mother. Your abilities of being a Mother come from a divine innate source which

should be a template for all Mother to follow. You have mastered your position as Mother and yet still find ways of mastering what you have mastered. Your strength grow deep each day like a giant redwood, year

after year becoming a pillar of strength for others to model and admire.

I would like to give your infinite thank yous for being your son and for being such a powerful role model in world that has so few.

Your Son,

Just when you think being a Mother is a thank less job.
Happy Mother's Day to all the hard working Mothers!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Esty Treasury Gallery

The Treasury Is Called Pirates Destiny
This has got to be a record, at least for me, this is the forth week in row

one of my pieces was chosen for the etsy Treasury.

This treasury has featured my Shield Bracelet, the treasury is just

Regal, take a peek if you get a chance.

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Wendy Humphreys'Soul Creations

Wendy Humphreys'Soul Creations
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