Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Niki Johnson Art Talk Radio

Niki Johnson has ask me to contribute to her radio talk program.
I did my first segment last Monday, and was ask to come back
this week. Of course I said yes! This week I will talk a little about
sourcing and where you might be able to find some hidden treasures,
whether you are in mixed media, jewelry or any other art form, I think
there will be something for everyone. So I hope you stay tuned.
Monday Art Talk Radio.

1 comment:

~Izabella said...

oh I am so sad I missed this!!! I wish I would have known about it~

Is this Niki from ZNE on blog talk radio?! I am going to go over & check out the archives to see if that is it...if not I would love to have a link to hear or pleaz let me know if you'll be on again ;)


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