Monday, April 14, 2008

AAA Quality Gemstones

I will offer quality gemstones in the store as well. They will be priced to please!
They are so much fun to use in a piece for the unexpected surprise.


Jazz Kim said...

I really liked your blog. I live in LA. Where is your store located? I would love to drop by sometime.

Jazz Kim said...

wendyhumphreys said...

Thank you so much for compliment.
I'm working on an online store
right now. I have a store is Fullerton, CA in Orange County
My girlfriend has this wonderful
shop to in fullerton, Gilding The Lily alot of vintage treasures,
buttons,brass findings,french ribbons and vintage paper. If you
like things like that.
Thanks again
Wendy Humphreys

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Wendy Humphreys'Soul Creations

Wendy Humphreys'Soul Creations
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