Sunday, December 21, 2008

DreamStone Bead Company

Mel and Nat the owners of DreamStone.
My friend Janis and I spent the entire day Friday with the girls we had
so much fun, laughing,creating and eating of course!
This is DreamStones first year in business, I could not be any prouder
of the girls!
DreamStone Bead Company
11460 Kenyon Ste. #106
Rancho Cucamonga,Ca 91701

My Personal Favorite the Gemstone Wall

Faceted Glass Beads Love all the colors

Glass Bead Display

Samples of some upcoming classes..


Anonymous said...

Great blog on DreamStone! And thank you for adding me onto your list of sites!


DreamStone Bead Co. said...

Hey...I thought I gave Nat bunny ears...what happened?! :) This site is beautiful Wendy. I will check back often for inspiration also. I love your pieces. Hey...and thanx for the plug!

~ Mel

Paris Atelier said...

I came by to say thank you for our sweet comment! Instead I found you fabulous blog and your even more fabulous creations! I love right here in Rancho what a funny coincidence! I'm so excited to poke through your blog! Thank you!

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Wendy Humphreys'Soul Creations
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