Monday, June 22, 2009

A Few Of My Favorites Things


Ingrid Mida said...

Please do tell us about your favorite things. Two of my favorite things are old books and jewelery!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and love all the pictures. especially of the flea markets. I would go every day if I had a flea market close to where I live. Anyway love your jewelry. I will be checking for new posts. Also you are so talented.

Janice In Missouri

Anonymous said...

That book with the name Janice Meridth on it. Is it your own collection?

Janice In Missouri

wendy humphreys said...

These books are in our private collection, some of them are for
Thank you for asking.

Anonymous said...


I am home now. Selling fleas at paris to the moon on Saturday. Are you coming by? Unpacking and doing loads of laundry, getting ready for Paris....Yikes!

Hope to see you!
Karen Eileen

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