Wednesday, August 5, 2009


The Large drum was a gift from my son, the smaller drums
Jonny made to earn his degree in geology from University
Of Colorado at Boulder.

Jonathan's Flute Solo

There were several rooms at the Muckenthaler that had been created
to display his writing,photos, and letters, poems and his personal journals

Jonathan's' Memorial Service Was Held here in California at the Muckenthaler, they had two

more at Colorado one Private and one for the media, my sons were able to attend all three.

It was a 6 hour celebration and I have never seen or experienced anything like it.

Jonathan "Jonny" was born into a life of adventure on March 28, 1974 in Singapore.

In June he was tragically killed by an avalanche while attempting a new route on Mount Edgar

in Sichuaun Province, China.

for the first few years of his life. Jonathan saw the world from the back seat of a pop-up camper as the family took their time traveling westward from Thailand to California.

Jonny founded the internationally-acclaimed Adventure Film Festival in Boulder, CO to provide a platform where adventure filmmaker could share their work.

Jonathan dedicated his life to his loves: his family, his friends, and the mountain peaks forever on the horizon, waiting to be explored. He was the embodiment of the Golden Rule and was larger than life legend that will be deeply missed. Johnthan is survived by his parents, Phyllis

and John Copp and his sister,Aimee.

Jonny lived his dream and is teaching us how to live ours.

Thank you for sharing your gift with us and your motto you set at 16 years old.

Be Kind To Everyone.

Make a stranger a Friend.

Live in the moment and stay in the moment.

You are already missed so much, goodbye our sweet friend.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

It is so magnificent to see people whose lives impact society so much. Thank you Wendy! Anita

santi said...

Wendy, this is such a beautiful post and tribute to Jonny. The huge effort and contributions to this whole process by Ryan, you, Paul and David are truly heart moving. I wish you all the best. -Santi & Anne

Dawn said...

This is a beautiful tribute to my cousin. He has done so many wonderful things and will have so many more people doing wonderful things because he impacted there lives. Long live Jonny! love you always Jonathan.

Nishant said...

I wish you all the best.
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