Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Crowning Glory Necklace


meandering pearl said...

Hello! i hope you've been well! {i'll let you in on a secret ~ i didnt actually have anywhere to go on valentine day either but still had a lovely day snuggled up on the couch with my mum & sister, watching ever after :) } its probably been a week or two since i popped in for a look & this beautiful necklace has emerged!!! the pearls the pearls! it amazes me how such a solid piece with the bird does not overpower the delicacy of the necklace but rather gives it wings. so beautiful! {& the assemblage of the image & pin you created in the post below, really special!} have a most wonderfully radiant day!!!

Brissonte' said...

I am captivated by your beautiful designs. Mybellacolle just did a posting on a few of your pieces, which brought me to your etsy store, which brought me to your blog. Each piece so lovely and unique. I can hardly wait to show my daughter Erin. AND I added your etsy shop to my favorites.


Cathy said...


That crowning glory necklace is absolutely gorgeous. I love it.

xo Cathy

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