Monday, March 2, 2009

Time to Take In the Sights

Have I become so jaded that I don't appreciate the beauty that surrounds


Well I woke up yesterday and there were two ducks in the pool (they come

every year) the dog doesn't even scare them away. They think this is there

home too. I pass by the large bougainvillea and there is a scattering of

little yellow breasted finches in a bit of a panic, that's when I realized

a huge hawk was sitting on top of the fence and making them very nervous.

The best part of my stroll around the property was on the side yard was this

gorgeous white crane.

Then I'm thinking has all this beauty been there or did I finally wake up

and appreciate the beauty that surrounds me.


Gilding the Lily said...

Lovely post, Wendy. I used to love the cranes and egrets that came to wade in the little creek behind our place up in north fullerton...ducks, too! Nat loved to see the momma ducks with their babies floating by when she was little. There is still a lot of nature aorund us!

mybellacolle said...

Oh wow! All I get to see right now is snow...but I know Spring is coming! Beautiful picture by the way and creations! I'm off to visit your store..
Have a wonderful week.

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